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Your sales reps in front of qualified prospects is what  drives your business!

Our database has thousands of lease end dates, with decision makers and when they want to meet

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 We set appointments with well qualified prospects 

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Our Database

We have bought all kinds of  lists, UCC1 reports and so forth, but these are just a starting point. The real benefit was gained through years and tens of thousands of cold calls to build rapport with key personnel and find out when they would be in the market and what there needs would be.

Our People

It takes a special kind of person to make hundreds of cold calls per week. And an even rarer person who can do that and develop rapport along the way. We have those people! Our average person has been with us for 3 plus years.

Our Results

Our average copier lead is for 2.4 MFP units and 30 plus employee company. We specialize in the Houston market.

How we are used

Supplement existing prospecting efforts!

Help new reps get started quicker!

Reward top performers!

Use as a recruiting tool - Offer something there current employer doesn't offer!

We do the cold calling for you!

We also set IT appointments


 What if we get a bad lead? Simple we replace it for free!

What constitutes a good lead? A company that is in the market for a copier and willing to look at alternative vendors. 

What size business will we see? We don't set appointments with very small businesses, in fact the average is over 30 employees.

What about lease expirations? We don't set appointments where the lease is more than 18 months from expiration, unless you want us to.

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